An Open Letter: Reflecting on Love & Mastering Your Mean Girl with Melissa Ambrosini

Dear Melissa Ambrosini, As always when I pen a *letter to someone – stranger or loved one – I always actually feel the calling to do so. For to begin a soulful conversation one must always be in the present moment entirely and completely don’t you agree? And you have to feel your words. A letter, for […] Read more…

Sarah Wilson Thyroid Guru

My Autoimmune Disease Funkyness – Inspired By Sarah Wilson Thyroid Guru

You know that indulgent and blissful deep sigh which accompanies a – they get this – feeling, which occurs when you relate so completely to the words of stranger? When it all melts and merges compatibly with your own juices and ideas so wholly. Whilst there may be huge differences – between them and you – […] Read more…

Sugar free coconut & Carob pudding

Coconut & Carob Paleo Pudding: A Hormone Healing Dessert

I love it when I blindly create something really good. It is usually born out of a sweet treat craving and a lack of ingredients in my cupboard…. meaning I have to get really inventive and creative. Sometimes it really really works in my favour…. Coconut & Carob Paleo Pudding is delicious and healthy. My […] Read more…



Many of you will know that (a while ago) I made the decision to give the go ahead for my sister to set up a //FUNDRAISING PAGE// for my ongoing health treatment with //LYME DISEASE/ CFS//. You can read more about my initial reluctance and hesitation //HERE// in my achingly raw blog post, but the break-down gist of […] Read more…

Yoga for CFS, Stress and Burnout with Fiona Agombar

Yoga For CFS, Stress and Burnout with Fiona Agombar

To teach yoga to calm down the central nervous system…. and allow proper deep healing to take place. Listening to Fiona’s introductory words (and her concept of Yoga for CFS) I simply know that her new yoga series is going to be right for me. That this won’t be too much. Think of this practice […] Read more…

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