Hopefully you have read Part 1 of why I started a Wellbeing + Autoimmune Blog for my own health and how much I love it and credit it with partially keeping me sane in the midst of this challenging world of long term chronic illness. If not click here.

How starting an autoimmune blog can aid health. Part 2


If you are new to my story you may also like to read a little more about how I have had the Flu for 19 years and how Parvo Virus triggered my Autoimmune Disease and hence this whole flowing cascade.

Blogging is something which fits me and I wonder if I have sparked your interest in *starting your own Blog?

For me there was a period of time for me where I happily immersed myself in other people’s blogs. I delved into their raw life and authentic words and a plan began to hatch inside me….

As my blog Living Brightly has developed it has evolved into a message which I am incredibly proud of. The essence is Wellbeing, yet there is a primary focus on encouraging others to seek purpose and creativity (regardless of circumstance) and to explore writing and sharing their own story.

Living Brightly has become an online inspiring haven where Wellness, Words + Stories collide.

As a mentor I believe that YOU also have a magical message to share and I relate and recognise your longing to be heard.

Your inner voice is slowly becoming louder than the fear isn’t it?

Fantastic. Let’s go from here. From this point of passion and excitement and desire to share.

Be prepared for something rather more magical to occur once you begin a Blog. For Blogging (and writing) is actually an essential part of my own healing kit now. A powerful tool I use to aid my wellbeing and health.

For when you begin to write you delicately and powerfully peel back the layers of sickness (and burden) until you find YOURSELF underneath once more.

8 Positive Emotions starting a blog will evoke – to help you heal

  • A sense of Purpose will quickly ignite you

When you have an illness (or even when you are just stuck in a rut) you lose your spark.The juices of life do not flow in this stagnant state. The passion you once had evaporates as you focus entirely on coping with your situation. This is totally understandable – but this lack of connection takes it toll on you and over time you lose the very heart of your being. All that which sets you apart as a unique individual fades. Lets get that back….We need a reason and a dream to aspire to. A sense of knowing where we are going. A daydream which brings the biggest brightest smile to our faces. When you have a purpose (even before you act upon it) you experience fullfillment and zest for life.

  • Increased Joy will spread

When we work on something which we love, our creativity is sparked and our longing satiated. We feel joy from the simple act of doing and being. Submerged in a space which feels uplifting and fun and surrounded by this energy raises our happiness vibration. Do what you love and love what you do.

  • Feeling Presence

For healing to occur we need to experience a level of peace, and therefore we need to be in the present moment as much as we can. To be in the Now. Very often our busy minds wander and allow fears to escalate quite magnificently. By choosing to connect, as often as we can, we embrace acceptance and calm. Blogging is a task which demands full attention and devotion. As you write the act itself takes over you, and at times you marvel at the sprit within you creating these words. Where are they even coming from? This deep soulful immersion grounds you.

  • The sweet feeling of Release

Writing is a beautiful therapeutic tool. All those emotions which swirl constantly in your head take up so much space and demand so much attention. They suck the energy further from you. They niggle and they pull and they hurt. A lot. Through writing (your little heart out) you get the opportunity to release all the thoughts and emotions and gently (or dramatically if is your nature) let them go. There is something so very cathartic about tapping your fingers across the keypad and seeing your words dancing in front of you. Blinking and winking they are estatic to be freed. Writing gives you a profound perspective and you become wiser with each scribble.

  • Appreciation & Gratitude

When your gift is appreciated you feel a sense of pride. You learn to believe in yourself once again as people begin to notice your beauty. You can then build on this and develop self love and self care acts which aid your healing further. You become immensely grateful for your talent and for this opportiunity. Thank You so much.

  • The Bliss of Giving

Helping and giving to others makes you feel so good doesn’t it? I always feel that there is more bliss in finding the perfect gift for a loved one than receiving. My heart just swells. Well, you know what? When you so bravely share your your story and wisdom with the world then you do others a service. Through this sacred act of words you feel worthwhile and warmly fuzzy. Trust me.

  • Glorious Soul Connections are established

Oh the people I have met since I began Blogging. The soul sisters I know are coming my way, and the ones who have already arrived. We have good times ahead friends. There is nothing more thrilling than connecting with like minded passionate people who get you. The buzz will lift your energy and vibration sky high.

  • Evolution

Oh my how you will grow through writing and blogging. This was the biggest surprise of all for me. I am a work in progress on all levels – within my Blog and my own health recovery. I am open to the ebbs and flows of the life much more now. Blogging has taught me so much and continues to constantly amaze me with its life lessons.

Quite simply my world has expanded through Blogging and Writing and it has taught me so much. It sounds dramatic but its true. With reflection and expression comes a deeper spiritual awareness and faith.

My Blog is a space I can call my own which holds me tight but lets me soar.

And so if you are still wondering is now is quite the right time for you to start a blog – it never will be lovely one. Start today anyway. Just think about what you love and start typing. The structure and content is not important yet, the words and the action are. Discover the love and create.

And if you worry that you are not good enough and that nobody will want to read your words all I can say is you are gonna be damm surprised!

The only difference between you and the experts you admire is that they made a start.

You can do this!

I can almost see your story vibrating and pulsing under your skin. It wants out darling. You are so ready to be visible in the world now.

Please be the main player in your life.

Of course I don’t claim that starting a blog will heal your Thyroid, Autoimmune Disease or CFS. Absolutely not. They are very real and physical, yet we also know that aligning the Mind, Body and Soul makes the most perfect sense and I cannot quite explain the magic which writing pertains. It is healing on another level entirely.

Words are our most powerful source of magic. Make them count.

There are a number of ways I can further help you take that first step if the passion courses through you. I am (tentatively) exploring the idea of developing some limited Blog Coaching + Purpose Exploration sessions which will run over an interactive Skype email chat (to help those for whom speaking on the phone is too much) and I can simply help you get started and find your focus and hatch a plan. Together we will create some magical content in whatever capacty feels right to you. Contact me below if this appeal.

I am also beyond thrilled to let you know that for a very limited time period the enrolment period for *Blog Eyed + Blog Hearted online Blogging course has opened its doors once again. Read more about how this course was the catalyst for starting my blog here and how much I absolutely adore it. I simply cannot praise the content and the beautiful connects enough. Please take a look and if you interested I would like to let you know that I am an open and proud affiliate so it would be greatly appreciated if you sign up through this link here when making payment. I am also more than happy to have a quick email chat about the course with you. Please do contact me if you are debating this course.

To keep up with offer and to me part of my friendly community please stay on the mailing list and join my Facebook.

With Love and Wishes

Carly xx

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