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Investing in myself – 2014: The Year that was.

2014 has been somewhat of a roller coaster year. A real topsy-turvy, all-over-the-place 12 months. Or so it feels. Health wise I haven’t been great in many ways, and honestly its been a little dark at times, yet there is a presence and sense of growth and something deep which I cannot quite yet place. […] Read more…

Are you an Intuitive Writer?

Are you an intuitive writer? Or is your style more methodical? Head or heart? By this I mean, do you plan out an article or a blog post and follow a structure? Or do you feel an almost obsessive need to pour the words out frenetically? I do both. Depending on my mood. And as […] Read more…

My Ebook: Part 2 – The Mood Board

My beautiful designer friend has made this process incredibly fun and simple – so far. It feels like PLAY. To get the ball rolling, and to align my creative vision with her own, she sent me a detailed questionnaire and link to creating a Mood Board. She wants to know exactly what I desire for my […] Read more…

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