I wrote recently about the importance of Dental Health for Lyme Disease and Chronic illness and many of you contacted me asking for my homemade natural toothpaste recipe.

I actually have a few I alternate – and also a shop bought natural one for when I run out. But this one I am sharing here is probably my favourite – although the oiliness does take a little getting used to. It is, however, fairly paste like and easy to work with. Plus it tastes good – if you use the pure grade peppermint essential oil.

Each of the ingredients in my natural toothpaste recipe have strong healing and cleaning properties whilst gently nourishing the gums and teeth and removing plaque.

I wrote more about all the things which we can do to really clean up our mouths HERE, but I am also sharing my own personal routine with you. Although, firstly I admit, that there are MANY days where I just simply do a clean and tongue scrape and thats it. But I really do try to incorporate at least one other step (whether thats flossing, or a mouth rinse) in when I have the energy as the results are fantastic.

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I spoke before about the benefits of Oil Pulling for health, and about once a week I try to do this in the morning prior to eating. Mostly just for 5 minutes (as my sunny eggs are boiling away) – although 20 minutes would be ideal. But we have to make it work for us. After you’ve oil pulled your mouth feels so clean like nothing else I’ve tried. And sets me up for this basic routine –

  1. Clean teeth and gums gently with natural toothpaste recipe.
  2. Tongue Scrape – often I add a little Tea Tree essential oil to the scraper for extra cleaning (antibacterial and anti fungal) benefits.
  3. Floss with natural dental floss – I also like to add the Tea tree essential oil along the floss too. This really feels good and helps remove any hidden bacteria.
  4. Mouth wash with a glass of warm water, pinch of seasalt and a few drops of essential oil. I particularly love Doterra Onguard and Peppermint oils for this.

It is obviously best to do this twice a day – but I’ll be totally honest – I really mostly dont.

My Natural Toothpaste Recipe

  • Clean an old glass jar with boiling water.
  • Mix together 3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda and 1 Teaspoon of SeaSalt. Stir very well. It helps if the coconut oil is soft so heat gently prior if that helps.
  • Add 8 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil and blend well.
  • To use just transfer to toothbrush with a Teaspoon. I would keep each jar solely for one person.

I would take a moment to suggest that you take your time exploring essential oils and only use a pure high quality brand. I personally love Doterra oils for this reason and it is all I would use now after dabbling with some cheaper alternatives. They last for absolutely ages and work out good value in the long run. I use them in so many ways which I will be writing more about, but if you are interested in purchasing these oils yourself please do get in touch with me for discount details – in the box below. They are truly beautiful and are nature’s little pots of heaven.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve made the switch to natural dental care? And check out Part 1 of the Dental Health series.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx

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2 comments on “My Natural Toothpaste Recipe & Dental Routine. Part 2”

  1. Only recently have I taken actually removing fluoride from my toothpaste seriously. I currently use a good Aloe Vera natural toothpaste, but will definitely give you home made one a try! Also love oil pulling, it’s a funny thing isn’t it and very difficult to put the feeling you get after in to words!

    Em x

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