thyroid - a medication muddleA Medication Muddle is putting it mildly.

Being on Thyroid Medication (or having a thyroid issue) has been like living on an extreme roller coaster for years. And actually I hate roller coasters – or any ride which goes upside down. I wanna get off this trip once and for all.

To be fair it isn’t always clear which symptoms relate to what within my complex ‘illness’ but one thing I have realised is that often ‘less is more’ for us sensitive types, and that in an ideal world it is far far better to not be controlled by medication of any kind – particularly hormones.

Having said that, when your body fails to produce hormones then assistance is ultimately and definitely needed. I do wish, however, in hindsight that I had the nutrition and health knowledge I have now, right back at the start. Then perhaps I could have had a chance at lessoning the autoimmune attack earlier before too much of the gland was destroyed.  I may possibly have avoided medication or hormone replacement altogether?

Back then I was clueless to the power of a pill. I never had any idea of how integrated and delicate the body is, or that food (or my lifestyle) could even play a role.

I swing between believing it is still possible to come off hormone replacement, and knowing with certainty that it is not. In truth if I felt stable then I would take either option gladly. A pill or none. I don’t even mind which option if one worked.

I feel stuck in a place where I get terrible symptoms ON medication, and different but equally terrible (if not worse) symptoms OFF medication. I know I need this vital hormone to live but I simply find tolerating the replacement so difficult. My body does not like it. It reacts and puts up a fight. Yet it cannot function without it – at all – I have tried and things quickly get very scary. I do not know the answer and I hope that if we can somehow fix the root cause and clear the Parvo Virus in my body (which attacks the endocrine system) then things will naturally balance more.

That is the hope now.

The amount of thyroid research which I have done is huge and extensive because this is not an issue doctors are good at treating if you are in any way a complex case. The world tells you that Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease is common and easy to manage. And for some it is. For many others if it s a constant and total nightmare.

There is a lot you can do so whilst I do genuinely feel confused myself I would like to let other people with this condition know that there are many options to try if you are struggling after diagnosis. You will likely need a doctor to work with for some of them.

For instance;

  • If Levo-Thyroxine (standard medication) doesn’t work for you then you may need to switch to a Natural Dessicated Thyroid alternative which contains more than just T4 and is not a synthetic product. Crucially many people need the T3 found in this product because they have a conversion problem which means that they cannot convert the T4 into the form (T3) our bodies actually need to utilise the hormone. Or you can add a T3 Medication to the mix instead.
  • Additionally, however, a conversion problem can very likely be treated with good nutrition, gut work and supplements – providing the thyroid withe the building blocks it needs to function. This is often where medication may actually not be needed if you are prepared to put the work in.
  • The fillers in certain brands may also affect you adversely. Some even contain gluten which is a big NO NO to anyone with a thyroid condition.
  • There could also be a issue at the cellular level and perhaps your blood work is fine but the hormone cannot get into the cells or cannot be utilised. A doctor will not necessarily see this happening but you will feel it. Again good supplements and nutrition are essential. Do your research and become your best doctor.
  • Adrenals also play a major role in the ability to use and tolerate thyroid hormone. If you feel jittery or anxious quickly (but also still have classic hypo symptoms) then you may have low or high cortisol. Treating the adrenals is critical here.

As you can see, just from these few points raised – a thyroid condition is complicated. I myself often feel ‘toxic’ without actually being so. I go through so many theories to justify what is wrong but never quite put my finger on it. All I know is that something isn’t right and that medication is tough for me.

The body in its natural state will always function better than any replacement or pill. I would recommend doing all you can to help a potential sluggish thyroid before it escalates.

I am pretty certain that the underlying causes of my condition are to blame for the constant thyroid complications. Even to the point that possibly increasing my thyroid dose – which brings both good and bad results simultaneously – is perhaps activating the Parvo Virus further. Certainly the blood-shot eyes and almost worsening hypo symptoms (odd!) suggest this.

I am a medical mystery.

I do know one thing – symptoms are not always textbook or classic. For instance doctors will have you believe you have to be overweight to have be Hypothyroid and vice versa for Hyperthyroidism. Well, I was the opposite. As always. Lol.

For now I have learnt to not keep trying to push medication I cannot handle despite knowing I need it.

Einstein was right when he said;

“To do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is madness.”

And yet whilst I appreciate this I don’t know where I stand. I cannot find a safe baseline so I do continue to adjust doses just to cope. I do believe that the picture is far bigger than the thyroid (and adrenals) now and this is where I need to focus, but, there still needs to be a safe place to reside in the meantime which I contiue to seek.

I hope your own thyroid journey has not been quite so complicated but I know that it is for many people. There are many options to consider to help yourself and mostly these work out great whether that is along side hormone replacement or not. Do whatever makes you feel good as the body needs thyroid hormone to function. It affects every cell and is the engine system of the entire body.

But if you still feel in a major muddle like me then perhaps you also need to consider another cause for all the distress? Would love to hear your thoughts. How how your journey been?

Love Carly xx

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2 comments on “Thyroid – A Medication Muddle”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this post! I too don’t have the classic “putting on weight” associated with hypothyroidism. I am completely frustrated with the medical profession and am trying to find my way through the myriad of information to see if I can find my own way to get well. Thanks again. I have bookmarked your website!

    • Hi Kath,

      Thanks for the comment. Thyroid is such a minefield. I write a lot of posts about it so stayed tuned there is so much you can do yourself and you will end up knowing more than the doctors 😉
      I would start with good nutrition (paleo is a good place to start) and cut out gluten for definite. Then get a good supplement regime in place too and work on lifestyle too. Good luck xx
      Ps Yes def possible to be underweight despite what docs say 😉

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