My gorgeous friend Emma sent me some excerpts from a beautiful poetry book. She knows I have a complete book fetish so I am pretty sure this stunning book is going to end up on my shelf before long.

It’s called SALT – how cool is that? I love SALT; Salt you can eat, Salt in the sea, bath Salts, Salty skin…… I have to have this book.


Em says its the perfect read for a tired brain which is seeking support, inspiration and comfort.

This is the first poem she chose for me and for her.

I fell apart many times


What does that say about me


I live through


Sweetly oh so short and amazing isn’t it?

I spent a while just sitting and absorbing these words. They touched me deeply and I wanted to reflect on what they meant to me. For poetry is completely personal isn’t it? One may read something entirely different to the next person. Much like art you need to feel the story behind it to fully appreciate it. Touched further more so if you really and truly and madly also relate to the story.

For me, I felt like it gave me permission to find all this illness stuff hard.

The truth is that illness is my war. I live through it. I survive. I keep going. It doesn’t matter that I break down and struggle because who wouldn’t when they live through a war right? Comprehensive relief dawns sweetly……Complete permission to feel as I feel. To feel perhaps as anyone would feel? A natural reaction to an external situation out of our control. A courage and strength that we simply live through the war. A message that we can live, that our soul can still smile, that love still beats… throughout war.

No bitter fight needed, just a delicate and precarious place to be discovered somewhere between Surrender and Mastery, whilst we assess.

Never a passive victim though. Always building our (gentle) army. With ease and grace we aspire towards victory.

We fall apart for a reason though. And then we get back up…. over and over simultaneously clutching hope and gratitude whilst the bombs continue to descend. Uncertainty over our future – ever present. No-one knowing how long the war will rage?

This poem also reflects for me an opportunity for acceptance and growth.  To keep falling means quite simply that we must in-between keep on rising. Im proud of this. Of Emma, and all my other friends living through wars. Keep on rising girls. Keep falling, its okay. But rise again until you reach a place of mastery which feels solid enough to build a home.

If war is reality, we must live through war as kindly as possible, and even discover depths of beauty we never knew existed . And we do. If war is our reality then we should absolutely be proud, and stand tall, for all that we are and all that we give.

Ultimately, in answer to your question Dear Poet,
“What does this say about you?”

That you are Human spirited sweetheart.

If this poem touches you as it touches me then it is meant for you. Take it please.

I would love to know if you felt the same reflections from these words as I did? Please share.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx

P.S If you feel called write a little poem of your own as I did HERE.

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