My own blogging dreams grew very gradually with no set plan or intention. I can’t even remember what initiated the decision as such, other than a deep heartfelt knowing that to one day be an author would be the most amazing dream I could create.

Yet whilst I always loved to write I couldn’t quite piece together how I could make it into more, and how I could develop my ever increasing passion for healing and wellbeing into something tangible and concrete. Into something real.

autoimmune blog

When I found the courage to hit publish on my first hesitant post the response massively boosted my confidence enough to fully set about developing Living Brightly into a proper Health + Wellbeing + Autoimmune Blog. From here the content and direction has naturally evolved and developed and something much more holistic and soulful and complete.

That being said I do struggle at times to define my Blog? Perhaps more so because a part of me knows that it is still in its infancy and growing its bones so is not quite ready yet for a label. Its needs time, patience and care to develop to its full potential and discover its interests and personality – just as any child does really.

My own health journey is also evolving and the twists and turns I take (and discover) are reflected on the Blog itself. As I get clearer on my own path so does the Blog.

We hold hands along the road.

For now I lightly call it a Wellbeing Lifestyle Blog where we chat all things Mind, Body and Soul.  A haven to inspire and an encouragement towards Creativity and following Purpose as a means to heal and thrive.

Can I ask you something?

Do you also love writing and aspire to create a dream?

Perhaps the idea of starting your very own blog has been gently tickling your consciousness lately….

Starting a blog can help your health and wellbeing: It did for me!

Maybe you have become aware of new bloggers popping up all over the place and as you read their heady inspirational words you wonder if this is something that you could do too?

Yes YOU sweet thing.

Could you… Like really?

It is quite simple to know if this is your path….

Try this….Shut your eyes and put your hand on your belly. Now imagine your beautiful Blog streaming live on your laptop. Proudly sitting there in all its glory for the world to read. Or perhaps visualise that book you always wanted to share with the world. Your precious story sat on a book shelf….

Now how do you feel? Is there a genuine spark of excitement and a rush of adrenalin in your soul? If so then you already know.

Personally,  I experience my heart swelling and bursting if I imagine this success – much like a feeling of love – but also quite different. It is a fullness inside. A proudness. A knowing. My soul feels understood as it always does when it gets you to hear it and follow your destiny.

So do you feel that tug? Right there in your gut. A spirited pull where plans and aspirations collide and form a glitter ball of excitement?

If you dream of being a writer then you already are a writer. You just need to live it now.

It is within you already. You were born with this talent and it is a glorious and beautiful gift to be nurtured. It is part of your soul print and awaiting its birth. It is really that simple.

You can do this. You’ve already got this.

Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut for a long time. Maybe poor health has been overwhelming and all consuming. Nobody really understanding the struggle, dedication and the strength it takes to be your own advocate and to commit fully to healing.

I fully appreciate what is it like when you begin to feel smaller and smaller in a world which looms larger and louder all around you.

I know that you desperately want to join in but just don’t know where to begin.

Yet deep down (if you are brave enough to admit it) you know that you are here to make a difference and to be heard. That you want this to count. That you want to create something good from all this.

If only you knew how to take that first step you could flourish and fly…. I hear you and I felt all of this too.

The possibilities and my frustrations went round and round in my head. Constant ideas which I couldn’t develop. Wondering furtively how I could ever go from zero to 100? Nothing seemed feasible in my limited (health) world despite an intense and often suffocating passion to create, be heard and give value?

The answer finally came in the form of Blogging.

The relief of writing it all out was immensely cathartic.

Deep deep sigh of blissful release.

I felt free.

I wrote a little more about getting started on my blogging journey just 4 months in. It means I can look back and literally see how much I have grown and how far (both I) and my words have come.

The discovery of Blogs actually only popped up into my worlds a year or so ago. Looking back I randomly read (and devoured) an inspiring Autoimmune Blog by Sarah Wilson who detailed her journey with Autoimmune Thyroid and quitting sugar. I was hooked and fascinated within minutes. Before long magazines had well and truly been ditched for inspiring and interesting and beautiful blog reading.

By immersing myself in reading I think a seed (of creation) was planted before I even consciously realised it.

I had always loved to write but I lacked the reason to do so almost?

The promise of my potential felt like a burden which I was desperate to fullfill and enjoy but which I had no idea how to do justice.

Blogging could not have been more perfect for me. After living with a long term Autoimmune condition and having had the Flu for 19 years I was painfully conscious of how invisible and trapped I was feeling deep within. More and more so with each year which passed – despite a mindfulness practice and increasing spiritual awareness which enlightened, connected and soothed me. 

I believe that Wellbeing is a blend of Mind, Body + Soul fulfilment – a trio which must be balanced, and as much as I implemented all that I could, I still desperately needed a sense of purpose in my life, especially in order to find the way out of any threatening fog.

This is how Blogging can help aid health and wellbeing. It can complete that missing part you are seeking. Whether that be through a sense of purpose, passion, connection, creativity and/or self-esteem. It is another tool to add to the kit, and the very act of writing is therapy in itself.

For me Blogging was my ultimate (and only) way to make a start, and a small mark in the world. I could even do it from my bed! No Pressure.

I was already a Blogger – I just needed a Blog!

A revelation.

I discovered the importance of starting right now right where you are.

From penning my first humble (cringe-worthy) post on Food as Medicine and my unbelievable Paleo Sweet Bread recipe, to completing the most incredible online blogging course, making beautiful blogger friendships, and to actually building my own website from scratch myself; starting my Blog has cracked open my world (and my heart) in a way I could never have envisaged.

It has lit me up.

Living Brightly guides me as much as I pen it. Its a partnership and through writing from my soul I have accessed my own inner guru who continues to constantly teach me as a willing student.

I essential evolve as much as my Blog does. It is hard to explain but once you make a start you will understand. And even if a blog itself doesn’t appeal I urge you to just write.

You will never be ready, so just start where you are and take the bravest step of all – the first one!

Coming Next: Part 2 of my Personal Blogging Story where I share 8 Positive Healing Emotions that starting a blog will evoke.  Make sure you have joined my community here so you don’t miss it. The next enrolment for the incredible online Blogging course (I took) has also opened its doors for a limited time period. Click here for details.

So, have I sparked your interest in blogging a little more? Please do let me know. I may even be able to help you further to make this creation happen. I am developing services aimed at helping you with Blog Coaching and Creativity Mentoring so please get in touch if this is of interest.

If you already blog has it made a big difference to your life too? Lets share our stories and encourage others to start writing.

Love and Wishes

Carly xx

And remember to check out Part 2 – Why I Started a Lifestyle + Autoimmune Blog and 8 Positive Emotions It Evoked – Part 2.


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4 comments on “Why I started A Lifestyle + Autoimmune Blog For My Wellbeing: And Why You Should Blog too – Part 1”

  1. I love this post Carly. Blogging is a lovely way to share with others what is important to you and a way of connecting with like minded people, and helping others. It’s a way of communicating from the heart in a way that is often difficult to do in conversations, and provides an outlet for your creativity. I love reading your posts 🙂

  2. oh wow i really applaud you for your courage in sharing your story. I myself have autoimmune- eczema and was sometimes torn whether or not to talk about it or even approach health topics but you sharing your story definitely has been uplifting and convinced me maybe i should share my journey to health & wellness too

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