My beautiful designer friend has made this process incredibly fun and simple – so far.

It feels like PLAY.

To get the ball rolling, and to align my creative vision with her own, she sent me a detailed questionnaire and link to creating a Mood Board.

Ebook - Mood Board

She wants to know exactly what I desire for my Ebook.

She wants to make my dream happen.

It is important for us to be on the same page in this mutual collaboration.

And if you read Part 1: Producing my Ebook – you’ll already know how fate and good fortune brought her into my life.

I admit that I put the questionnaire on hold initially, but honestly once I dived into it, I loved it. Sometimes the thought of endless questions can seem quite tiring, and you would perhaps rather skip it and get to the fun stuff, but this form was perfect, and most definitely not a phase to be glossed over or rushed – much like the Mood Board itself.

Really digging deep and seeking the answers to her authentic questions initiated some self-enquiry work, and gave me further clarity on my Blogging Audience and my Brand as a whole. I grasped a much better concept of who I was writing for in general.

The lessons keep on coming.

Very worthwhile and valuable and I am glad I took the time to indulge.

The point of these exercises I realised is not just for me to convey my ideas to the Designer, but actually for me to really hone in and understand what I want myself. For me to bring my concept to life in my own eyes first. To shape it and to see it. Because unless I am clear how can I explain it to someone else?

Inducing crystal clear clarity.

I am so glad I took the time to commit to and immerse myself in these warm up projects. That I overcame the resistance and the rush to get started on the juicy bits.

Losing oneself in the art of creativity just for the sake of it is not to be underestimated.

Slow Down. Take your time.

And only when you actively make a start (or take a step) do you realise the true magic in the process. The only way is to walk through it.

Lesson Learnt. Follow the rules. Don’t cut corners.

As a complete novice to this Design world I have embraced exactly what I need to do and entered it wholeheartedly and what I learnt primarily is that the journey is as important as the destination.

As it always is.

You are right where you are meant to be for now.

I am loving this.

Hours and hours spent on pinterest creating my Mood Board.

Thrilling. Exciting. Glorious.

Fun Fun Fun.

Honestly I felt a little like an artist. A sense of such fulfilment in my heart from the simple act of creation and play.

Lisa Humphries034

Why do we lose this with age?

I never let myself be this free. Most things have a purpose. A reason to them. An outcome. And although this project does have a intended outcome I didn’t go into this particular exercise expecting one. In fact, if I am totally honest  I previously thought that a quick email discussing my design ideas would be sufficient and that anything else was a bit fluffy.

I was wrong.

As soon as I began to ‘PIN’ I knew intuitvely which direction my Ebook would/should go in. In fact the process led me to actually change my entire topic idea and go with a heart-felt instinct instead of a safer and more predictable choice.

It was a little like being back at school. In a fun art class. Time flying by unnoticed. Me totally immersed and unhurried.


I did, however, get a little carried away with my Mood Board and had to apologise for the 200+ PINS.

My Designer tactfully suggested editing it down to just 40 images. Hehe.

This worked, and suddenly my perfect Mood/Vision was born. It surprised me to be honest.

My Vision is now super shiny clear.

I will give you a teaser.

The vibe is Parisian, Vintage, Soft and Muted. Ive PINNED intricate feather images, Snowflakes and Gold Ornate Lace Edging. I want Black & White photographs and handwritten Italic Quotes. Im seeing Blues, Golds, Greys and Greens.

Creating my Ebook. Mood Board.


Lisa Humphries079
Lisa Humphries III07

Ebbok - Mood Board

Think luxurious, Mystical and indulgent.

Somewhat like a Beautiful Coffee Table book you may flick through at a Blissful Spa.

Soothing. Inspiring. Decadent.

I emailed everything over to my Designer, and then in true ‘Carly’ fashion I additionally emailed at least 4 more P.S emails.

I then apologised for overwhelming her; but she assured me the more ideas the better. Ooh perhaps a danger comment!

I forgive her enitely for any appropriate eye-rolling when she opened her inbox.

Much like everything blogging related – lessons and insights seem to correspond with life. Who would have thought that blogging could teach me so much about myself?

Yet it continues to deliver.

In this instance, I realise how I personally tend to get excited quite easily, and how sometimes I really need to take the time to ground myself and center myself before I take action, or in blogging terms – press ‘send’.

I could easily have foregone the extra emails to my Designer and condensed everything neatly into one email had I taken a few deep breathes and some time out.

But hey where is the fun in that?

No, seriously I do need to work on this for health reasons more than anything else.

To take action from a place of Calm and Balance.

I have learnt that I am messy behind the scenes. That I get carried away by jubilance. I act in the moment. I worry that I’ve not said enough. I worry I’ve said too much. I can’t stop myself sending another email……explaining more. Giving more detail.

Messy words. Messy ideas.

Yet knowing and trusting completely that the chaos will eventually lead to a totally succinct, clear and tight finished product with no mistakes and no regrets.

So who cares if there is a little (behind the scenes) jumbled chaos if the final product works?

All good Art is formed with splatters of Paint I say.

That’s me. And much like all the lessons I am discovering lately, I am figuring out who I am, only to acknowledge that it doesnt really matter anyway. My flaws make me whole. All that counts is that I accept myself just the way I am. Mess, Perfectionism and all. I’m a contradiction in terms.

Did I mention that my favourite word (and style) is eclectic?

How is my story aligning with your own Ebook plans and creation? Are you feeling the pull towards creativity yourself in any form? Are you messy? Let me know – I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Love + WishesCarlyxxx

*{Photo Source Credit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Lisa Humphries}

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*** Update - Why my Book is taking a little longer. … To be continued.
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  1. How much fun are you having?! Thrilled for you! You’ve inspired me to do something creative…and today! It sounds like you’re learning so much- some great life lessons from blogging and now your book. Xx

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