I believe that the Spirited inner Artist exists within us all. It sits within our soul alongside LOVE. Always there but perhaps not often heard or encouraged.

So much power and presence ready to play. If we let it. If we hear it. If we succumb.

writing from the soul space of fatigue

Sometimes you truly do need to FALL (into the depths of fatigue) in order to FEEL nothing but the spirit.

Dropping down to detach completely and to let the inner spirited artist rise and create….

Yes, you can write (and create) without the artist being provoked and involved.

Of course you can.

You have a brain and it is more than sufficient. More than capable, and it produces amazing work which is valued and appreciated. These are the posts/work you write from the head. And they may well be amazing pieces.

Less Art. More academic.

And then in complete and total opposite form are the posts which you pen with no format in mind. No structure just FLOW.

This is the spirited inner artist taking over……

Rising up as it does.

It seems to find power in the depths of our darkness….. and fatigue.

A chance for it to be ALL. For everything else to fall away. It doesn’t need your physical energy, it just needs to break free….

Like this. Right now. Fingers tip tapping like a keyboard salsa dance.

Words on screen appearing before my eyes.

Did I write this?

Do I own this?

Stream of consciousness at its best. Ive written before about how writing from the soul is my favourite way to write.

We get to play here. We are not committed to anything. No deadlines.

An artist explores.

An artist does what feels right in the moment.

I am an artist. And so are you.

I notice how often I create my most vulnerable FREE FLOWING words when I am so very very tired. When I have no physical strength to think or to plan. When all I have is the art inside me and the thoughts begging for freedom and clambering for sweet release.

Much as my body needs a soft pillow, my soul needs a platform from which to be heard.

It can be heard preciously in the exquisite quietness of deep fatigue.

For when I am exhausted and utterly spent – completely without any resistance – I SINK  softly down and down…..deeper and deeper. I access a vulnerability and creativity of melancholy if you like, where the voices (my soul conversations) in my head are now stronger than the voice which I use to speak.

I retreat inwards and I hear. Loudly. The artist within.

Her wisdom quite profound.

And without effort I become the vessel.

I channel with ease.

I swim with Depth and Vulnerability.

For HERE I have truly accessed my soul space. There is no distraction.

In this state I FEEL the words. I FEEL the FLOW. I am IT.

And I scribble and scribble with ernest and no care.

Fatigue allowing the body to melt and the mind to cloud. It opens up a pure pathway to what is left – SPIRIT. The space your inner Artist calls home.

Will you have a go at writing with spirit and see where your free flowing words take you? What appears on the paper in front of you?

You can tap into this spirit power though any emotion or state which overwhelms you enough that it blocks out the other senses. Anger, betrayal, frustration – they are all great catalysts. Embrace them in that moment. Feel them and then SINK and allow the artist to be heard.

I would love to hear how this felt for you and what you created? Has your fatigue (or disharmony) allowed your own inner artist to be released ever?

In what state was your best work created? Would love to hear from you.

With Love + WishesCarly xxx



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